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April/May TRIAD
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Click on the cover to view the electronic issue of TRIAD, the official journal of the Ohio Music Education Association!

OMEA members may access back issues of the electronic TRIAD in the member portal.
OMEA Election Results

Editor of TRIAD

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Marc Parulekar

D1 President-Elect: Eric Boswell
D1 Secretary/Treasurer: Benjamin Lupo

D2 President-Elect: Rodney Miller
D2 Secretary/Treasurer: Briann Edwards

D3 President-Elect: Wendi Bechtol-Davis
D3 Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Kelly

D4 President-Elect: Mark Wozniak
D4 Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Richards

D5 President-Elect: Robert Antonucci
D5 Secretary/Treasurer: Derrick Kittle

D6 President-Elect: Garrett Doty
D6 Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Ratica


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Dana Hire

D7 President-Elect: Mario Clopton
D7 Secretary/Treasurer: Adam Landry

D15 President-Elect: Brandon Moss
D15 Secretary/Treasurer: Melissa Dover

D16 President-Elect: Grant Stephan
D16 Secretary/Treasurer: Russell Hawvermale

D17 President-Elect: Joshua Willett
D17 Secretary/Treasurer: Aaron Rex

EC Region Chair-Elect: Stephen Domka
EC Secretary/Treasurer: Anthony Springer

SW Region Chair-Elect: Felipe Morales-Torres
SW Region Secretary/Treasurer: Brian Frey
2016 Professional Development Conference - Performing Ensemble Application
Ensembles interested in performing at the 2016 OMEA Professional Development Conference should submit an application and an audition CD postmarked no later than May 30, 2015.
2016 Professional Development Conference - Session Proposals
The OMEA Professional Development Conference Session Proposal Portal is now open!

The deadline to submit proposals is May 31st, 2015.
2016 OMEA All-State Application System - NOW LIVE!

2016 Professional Conference
January 27-30, 2016

Coordinator – Kathleen McGrady
Band Chair – Brett Benzin
Choir Chair – Kent Vandock

Jazz Ensemble Chair – Brandon DuVall
Orchestra Chair – Matthew Yoke


OMEA continues the use of online applications for the 2016 All-State Ensembles. Please be aware the online application does not change how recordings are made, only how applications and recordings are submitted. To get started please go to and follow the “2016 All-State” link where you will find audition requirements and further instructions. You will need the following items to apply:

1. Student and parent e-mail addresses.
2. Digital recordings of required etudes/solos/scales/warm-up (as listed below)
3. Your director’s contact information
4. Your director’s 9-digit NAfME identification number
5. A credit card for the $10 application fee (paid to Acceptd)

March 1: Application and audition material available.
May 31: Deadline for all applications to be submitted. Please carefully note the specific etude and performance requirements. They are all different for 2016.
August 31: Notification of results to applicants and directors.
September 30: Due date for acceptance form and membership fee of $250 (includes hotel lodging and 5 meals).
All participants
must stay in the All-State housing hotel (4 people to each room).

2016 All-State Children's Chorus Application - NOW LIVE!

2016 Professional Conference
January 27-30, 2016

Contributions to Music Education
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Contributions to Music Education is a refereed journal published by the Ohio Music Education Association. A primary purpose is to recognize and highlight the importance of social science research in guiding educational practice. The journal is a fully peer-reviewed publication focused on issues related to music teaching and learning in school contexts. With a history of over 40 years in print, CME has supported scholarly investigation into music education since 1972. Many important figures have served as editor over the years, and numerous researchers have put forth their work in its pages.

The journal is available in print in over 45 states in the US, and several countries abroad. Since 2005, digital copies have been distributed through major academic databases such as ProQuest, RILM, EBSCO, ERIC, and others. The journal has been published 1-2 times yearly for the past four decades, and is currently produced once annually in print, and also in digitized format.

CME is a subscription-based publication. Click here on Research Journal (CME) or in the website menu to view more information, see the content, learn about the editorial board, and find out how to subscribe to your music education research journal!
OMEA Professional Development Conference Future Dates

• 2016 CONFERENCE - Cincinnati, January 28-30, 2016

• 2017 CONFERENCE - Cleveland, February 2-4, 2017

• 2018 CONFERENCE - Columbus, February 8-10, 2018

• 2019 CONFERENCE - Cleveland, January 31-February 2, 2019

• 2020 CONFERENCE - Cincinnati, February 6-8, 2020

The call for proposals opens the first week of April in the calendar year preceding the conference. For more information please contact Mark A. Hensler, OMEA Director of Professional Development at

Previous year OMEA exhibitors will be contacted via email in the spring of the prior year and interested ’new’ exhibitors should check our website homepage for information during the summer of the prior year. Questions to: David N. Adamson, OMEA Business Manager at
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