Auditions for '24 Region & '25 All-State Orchestra

Auditions for 2024 Region & 2025 All-State Orchestra

Auditions will take place via Accept'd (  Winds & percussion will be able to submit their all-state recording for region orchestra through the all-state band The wind & percussion excerpts for region orchestra are the same as all-state band. Any current student in 8th grade (entering 9th during 2024-2025) - 11th Grade (entering 12th during 2022-2023) may audition.

Audition Timeline

March 1: Application and audition material available
May 31: Deadline for all applications to be submitted
August 31: Notification of results 

Final Points:

  • This audition will determine entry into Region Orchestra & All-State Orchestra.
  • All State students must participate in Region in order to be in All-State Orchestra.
  • Seating is not guaranteed, the Region Orchestra may hold live seating auditions during region weekend. This seating audition model is closer to the all-state format.  

    2024-2025 Regional & All-State Orchestra Audition Requirements

  • All students (after announcing name and instrument) will record the 2 scales and technical etude. 
  • If a student is only auditioning for Regional orchestra, they will record the Regional orchestral excerpt only. The regional audition is now complete.
  • If a student is auditioning for All-State orchestra, they will record BOTH the regional and All-State orchestral excerpts.  This is new for 2024-2025. Should the student be accepted to All-state, they are still required to participate in Regional orchestra.






Application Process (Instructions for using Acceptd)

We recommend using Google Chrome as your Internet browser.

Register Here! 

***Please note that the profile should be in the student's name. Directors are welcome to assist students in setting up their profile.***

  1. Under ‘PROGRAM GROUP’ select the region for which you are applying. You must apply to your correct region. If you are unsure of what region your school is in, please have your school director help you with this process.
  2. Under ‘PROGRAM’ select your instrument.
  3. Upload clearly named audio recordings. Recordings must begin with the student announcing their name and instrument.
  4. Each student (after first announcing name and instrument) will record all required Excerpts as listed by the Region, and next record required scales as listed by the Region. These can be submitted as one file or split up into separate files by excerpt. Please state your name at the beginning of every file that you submit.
  5. Recordings of individual selections should NOT be edited or spliced, but rather performed continuously. If a reviewer suspects an audio edit , your application may be removed from consideration.
  6. Attention should be given to the quality of the recording. The site of the recording should be as soundproof as possible.
  7. Directors are urged to review application information and recordings before submission.
  8. As of March 1, 2013, OMEA is using a third-party provider, Acceptd, Inc., for administering the online Region and All-State applications. For this service, the final step of the application includes a $15 application fee, paid by credit or debit card. OMEA will not receive this money.
  9. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt. The email address you use will serve as our primary means of contacting you. Please check your email regularly and respond promptly.
  10. Failure to meet deadlines or follow application instructions will result in rejection of applications.
  11. Evaluation proceedings are confidential and final.

Alternates will be selected and used to fill positions as needed.