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Conference Wrapup

  • Conference Guidebook App
  • IHCP Program
    The optional Instructional Hour Certificate Program (IHCP) requirements include six sessions, one concert and a written reflection. Registrants should update their IPDP to include OMEA IHCP participation and submit the plan along with documentation (see OMEA web- site) to their LPDC for approval PRIOR to attending the PDC.

    Participants will receive a 10-hour instructional certificate that may be converted into 1 CEU (this is not for college credit.)

    IHCP Template

  • Ashland Credit
    Ashland University
    Professional Development Services
    2015-2016 Online Registration Instructions

    Please follow these instructions to use the Ashland University ONLINE registration system.

    Select class
    • Click the green “register for this course” button at the bottom of the description.

    Personal Information
    • The AU registration form will appear.
    • Complete the AU form.
    • Submit.
    • Additional registration information is optional. You can just choose submit.

    Pay for Classes
    • Use the drop down menu for “choose one of the following”
    • Select register now and check out.
    • Choose payment type (2.7 % fee for credit card payments and a $2.95 fee for electronic checks applied)
    • You will receive an email confirmation of your registration
    • PRINT a copy for your records.

    Mail In Registration Option
    If you prefer an electronic copy of the paper registration form is available at:


    Mail the completed registration with payment to the address listed on the form. If you are using an Ashland University tuition voucher worth $166.00 please include this with your registration. Your registration will not be finalized until payment is received and processed.

    Please direct questions about this process to:

    Ashland University Columbus Center
    Toll free 877-557-9497 extension 1108

    Email: wbigelow@ashland.edu.

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Portal Links

New TRIAD Available!

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The December/January edition of the TRIAD is now available! This issue includes information about our upcoming Professional Development Conference in Cincinnati.

Click the button below to view the TRIAD.

Interested in becoming an OMEA Adjudicator?

Do you have at least five years of teaching experience and a record of sending students to OMEA adjudicated festivals?

New adjudicators are needed in all areas.

Application/nomination forms are available in the member portal.

  • Sign into the OMEA Member Portal (http://portal.omea-ohio.org)
  • Select “Adjudicated Events” and note the folder on the left side of the page titled “Prospective Adjudicators.” Open that link and you will see “Application Forms.” You can then download the “Adjudicator Nomination Form” to get started.

Applications to be considered at the January Conference meeting should be received by January 23, 2016 and by May 14, 2016 for consideration at the Spring AE Committee meeting.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Bill Guegold, OMEA Director of Adjudications at:


Contributions to Music Education

Contributions to Music Education is a refereed journal published by the Ohio Music Education Association. A primary purpose is to recognize and highlight the importance of social science research in guiding educational practice. The journal is a fully peer-reviewed publication focused on issues related to music teaching and learning in school contexts. With a history of over 40 years in print, CME has supported scholarly investigation into music education since 1972. Many important figures have served as editor over the years, and numerous researchers have put forth their work in its pages.

The journal is available in print in over 45 states in the US, and several countries abroad. Since 2005, digital copies have been distributed through major academic databases such as ProQuest, RILM, EBSCO, ERIC, and others. The journal has been published 1-2 times yearly for the past four decades, and is currently produced once annually in print, and also in digitized format.

CME is a subscription-based publication. Click here to view more information, see the content, learn about the editorial board, and find out how to subscribe to your music education research journal!

OMEA is an affiliate of NAfME: The National Association for Music Education

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