How do I set up my new account?

If you had an account in the old system, and have not made your account in the new system yet -- search your inbox for an email sent from "Ohio Music Education Association" from the email address `` with the subject "Welcome to OMEA's New Website!". Your new username/temporary password and all the instructions with how to set up your account are in that email! If you do not see that email, check your spam/promotions folder. If you still cannot find that welcome email, proceed to other steps below.

Just become an OMEA/NAfME member?

The sync between the OMEA/NAfME systems happens daily around midnight. Left to it's own devices, that's when the welcome email will send. If you would like access now, however, you can manually trigger the welcome email by clicking here.

"Email-ID Combination Not Valid"

Sometimes, the email address used to register with NAfME is not sent with the NAfME update. Because OMEA does not recieve the email address from NAfME, we have no way of knowing where to send the welcome email. Additionally, if you try to manually resend the email with the button on this page, you get the error above. If this happens click this button to fill out a form so we can lookup your record and manually add your email address to it.

Forget your password?

The temporary passwords you used to log in the first time expire in 90 days. You can reset the password with the button below. After you login with the new temporary password, scroll to the bottom of the page and change that password to something else, or you may be back here to reset it again in 90 days!

Do you use a Password Manager (password auto fill)?

Because the URL of this new system is the same as the old system, your password manager might attempt to fill the old system's password on this new website. To adjust that, go to the settings of the system that manages your passwords and change the old password saved to ``to be the password for `` and delete any reference to ``. When you login to this system next, your password manager should prompt you to save the new password for this domain.

Why am I not getting my district emails?

There are three main reasons you may not be getting your district emails: 1) You aren't correctly assigned to the district, 2) you have opted out of broadcast emails, 3) you may have a spam blocker. Follow these trouble shooting steps:

    1. Check your spam folder.

Your email provider may be trying to protect you from malicious emails and got a little to excited. Check to see if any OMEA emails are in your spam. If you find an email from an official `` email address, be sure to mark that email as 'not spam' and add that email address to your email contacts to prevent further emails going to spam!

    2. Check to see if you are assigned to the correct district!

Log into the Members Area and find the "My Region & District Areas" card. That card should contain your district/region. If it does not, you may have made a typo in your OMEA zipcode. Scroll to the bottom of the Members Area and find the "My Membership Info" card and click "change contact/profile info". Once there, find the "OMEA zip" field, change it to be a zip code that is within the bounds of your OMEA district/region -- for most cases, that will be your public school's district office zip code -- and click "submit".

    3. Check to see if you have opted out of receiving emails.

Our new website provider must include an opportunity to "unsubscribe" from broadcast emails. That being said, if you ever hit your "unsubscribe" button once, our system will honor that request until you re-opt in to receiving these emails. To check this, login to the Members Area, scroll to the bottom, find the "My Membership Info" card, and click "change contact/profile info". Once there, find the "suppress broadcast emails" option and make sure it is not checked. Once unchecked, click submit!

If you are having additional issues, reach out to our membership coordinator for further assistance.

Looking for 2023 Adjudicator Evaluation System (AES)?

All activities for the 2022-2023 school year will be handled in our old system. Click here to be taken to our old system to manage 2022-2023 activities.

Quick Answers

Q: My password is not working! What should I do?

A: With the addition of this website, there are three different systems that all have different passwords: NAfME, the old OMEA website, and the new OMEA website (the one you are on right now). These three systems do not communicate passwords. They will only be the same if you set them to be the same. Here is how you handle the errors for the three systems:

  • NAfME - You will need to contact NAfME directly to get your login information. They can be reached at or 800-336-3768.
  • Old OMEA system - The old system does not have a password reset button. To get the login credentials, email Joe Galvin, our membership coordinator, by clicking here.
  • New OMEA system - If you have logged in once before, simply click the "forgot password" button inside the "login" modal at the top of the page. If you have never logged in, first check your spam email for your welcome email. If you do not see it there, you can trigger a new Welcome email by clicking here and entering your NAfME information. If you no longer have access to the email address you used to sign up with NAfME, update your information with NAfME by following the information above. If you need further help, reach out to the technology director with your name, the email address you used to sign up with NAfME, and your new preferred email address and we'll get you taken care of!