Creative Events

Creative Events


Open to all students in grades 1-12.
The student's teacher (public or private) must be a standing member of OMEA.

Rules, Regulations, Suggestions

  • Compositions, applications, and the $20 application fee (payable to OMEA) must be postmarked/uploaded by May 31. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Mailed materials must be sent to:
    • Kristen Snyder, Creative Events Chair 2061 Jones Rd Granville, OH 43023
  • Please ensure that you have read all rules and regulations on the submission form.
  • Handwritten submissions are fine but must be legible and written by the student.
  • Most notation software (Sibelius; Finale; Noteflight;; others) are acceptable to submit as printouts/PDFs/scans.
  • Electronic submissions are encouraged through this form; no matter the submission method, OMEA requires a score.
  • All submissions must be able to be notated in some way, part of which may include graphic notation.
  • Recordings: highly suggested if possible. Large ensemble compositions are strongly encouraged to have a recording submitted with the composition. For electronic music recordings, please download any midi recordings into .mp3 format (.wav is less preferred but acceptable).
  • Encourage students to put forward compositions, but please use discretion and submit only those that are notable. Entire class submissions are not generally encouraged. However, don’t forget that you can submit compositions for FESTIVAL PARTICIPATION.


Contact Kristen Snyder, creative events chair, through the membership directory (members only)

The Adjudication Form

Below is a copy of the adjudication form.

Awards and Recognition

Composers receiving a rating of Superior or Excellent may order a pin (grades 6-8) or a medal (grades 9-12) from the OMEA Director of Adjudicated Event Awards and Materials.