Marching Band

Marching Band Events

The complete OMEA Adjudicated Events Rule Books are available to active OMEA members in the Members Area under "resources".

Fees for the 2024 Season:

  • Local Events: $25
  • State Marching Band Finals: $300

Important Dates for the 2024 Season:

  • May 1st: MB Profile Creation opens (this is the first step to registering for fall events)
  • June 1st: Registration for Local Events opens
  • August 1st: Copyright submission/verification begins
  • August 9th: Deadline for copyright submission and final band profile

All of these functions can/will be accessed via the OMEA website

For any questions relating to marching band participation, registration, rules/procedures, site chair information, and general information reach out to the Marching Band Affairs Chair.

For questions about adjudicating marching band reach out to the Marching Band Adjdications Chair.

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